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Web Analytics

Web analytics is one of the most powerful and exciting ways of gauging your website’s performance. It is also one of the most important technologies that can be used to make your web pages more successful. There are many tasks required of the web analytics consultant involving different types of skills. The implementation and configuration of the web analytics tool requires technical knowledge and the ability to understand code. Setting up relevant reports and dashboards needs Excel skills.

The analysis of the data requires someone with a more analytical approach, not always found in someone with technical skills. And transforming the data into insights and intelligence and provide the client with recommendations on how to improve their business performance needs a wider knowledge base including commercial sense and an understanding of marketing.

Web Analytics a consultancy service requires the knowledge of many tools too. You have your most popular web analytics tools such as Omniture SiteCatalyst, Omniture Discover, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Google Analytics and Yahoo! Analytics. But there are many other sources of data available as well that an analytics consultant could use to aid in investigating and understanding visitor behavior. Added to this is qualitative data from sources such as onsite surveys or usability studies. Finally, once you have identified issues with a website, solutions needs to be tested to see which version of a button or page is most effective with the website visitors. This then requires the knowledge of A/B or Multivariate Testing tools with key examples being Google Optimizer and Test & Target.

There is such a wide range of knowledge required, even within this specialized field, that no one person can know it all. Web analysts argue that it is the approach and mindset that matters, not the tool knowledge. A good analyst can learn to use any tool but the important thing knows what data should be investigated given a certain problem.

Vertical Design is an Indian based web analytics consultancy providing in-depth analysis of online data. We provide advice and consultancy to individual businesses and agencies by deducing insights and intelligence from the web analytics data which is used to drive improvements in business performance.

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